Friday, 6 May 2011

Noughts and Crosses

This is the largest book I've read so far in my challenge. The book is about racism and how people reacted during segregation.
The main characters are Sephy and Callum and their families. The books reverses the way racism is usually seen in our society. The Crosses, black people like Sephy, have much more power than the Noughts, whites like Callum.
I really liked how the characters' personalities were described in the book. My favourite character was Callum's older brother Jude. Obviously he was a Nought as well and hated the Crosses because they made sure the Noughts were powerless and were given the worst stuff. He called the Crosses 'Daggers' and joined the Liberation Militia, a Nought terrorist group that targets Crosses and their buildings. He was written really well, a really angry character who wants all Crosses to die and is constantly fighting with his brother Callum and sister Lynette.
At the start Callum is against Jude's beliefs and thinks Noughts and Crosses should be equal. He and Sephy are best friends. Over the course of the book, as they grow up, Callum grows to love Sephy. A good third of the book is about Callum and Sephy's struggle to be together without angering those around them because "a Nought and a Cross don't mix."
Very interesting read, and at some points rather moving. I felt I could really experience some of their feelings at times.
I'm giving Noughts and crosses 85 out of 100


  1. Hi Luke, really enjoying your reviews. I've read this book and I thought it was very good too. I like Malorie Blackman, I think she is an excellent author.

  2. I liked this one too...a very powerful read. Do you know there more in the series?