Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Thanks aplenty

Jay Writes -
People are lovely, aren't they?
When Luke and I embarked on this project in March, I'd assumed we'd get most of the books from the library. This has not quite worked out as well as we'd hoped, although Luke's school library are having a look for him. Primarily the books have come from our bookshelves, my increasingly expensive Amazon habit, and the kindness of friends online.
I'd like to thanks some of the lovely people looking books out for us -
  • Mark Tranter loaned us The Owl Service and A Christmas Carol
  • Sarah, a very kind woman on ReaditSwapit (a great system, btw) is sending us When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
  • Immi Howson (who introduced me to Dianna Wynne Jones, for which I shall be forever grateful) is loaning us Mitress Masham's Repose.
  • Little Women and The Secret Garden are coming to us from Nic, whom I met online
  • Meg has offered us Swallows and Amazons - again from someone I've never met face to face
  • Luke's grandparents Colin and Marion have offered to get him a couple of books from the list too
Take a bow, lovely people!

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  1. Eee, I got all excited when I saw People Might Hear You on the list. I'd forgotten that book but I loved it when I read it years ago.

    I went looking for it on Amazon, but it's totally expensive, so then I looked for it on Abebooks.co.uk and found a cheaper copy, which I bought.

    I'll lend that to you as well, Luke. And thank you for bringing it to my attention--I think my older daughter will enjoy it, if not both of them.

    Oh, and if you want to visit my younger daughter's blog and see her cartoon dinosaur, Hi Dino, this is the address: http://the-bizarre-life-of-hi-dino.blogspot.com/