Monday, 9 May 2011

The Silver Sword

I read this book in Year 6 and didn't like it at all.
This book was about a group of kids from Warsaw in the Second World War trying to get reunited with their mother and father. They are two sisters, a brother who goes missing for part of the story, and a kid they happen to meet called Jan, who also met their father and got the Silver Sword from him. They make a huge journey through Germany, where a dog comes in it for a bit, there's a chimpanzee who turns up and smokes cigarettes, and a chicken destined for the pot.
In the end they get lucky and everyone lives happily ever after.

While many people will disagree with me I really disliked this book because I found it far too religious and that the children believed the Power of God would only help them if they had the Silver Sword. I found this idea preposterous, especially as the Silver Sword isn't even an enchanted item, it's just a letter opener.
I give this book 9 out of 100.

Jay's note - wow, Luke really hated that one! I can't blame him, I found it sanctimonious and the most dated of the books so far, although it isn't the oldest. Sorry the review contains a spoiler of sorts, but it's a rubbish book anyway. We'll try harder next time

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  1. It is a weird book Luke, I agree! (I'm an online friend of your mum...but I mostly read children's books so I find your blog really interesting). I got cross at the number of co-incidences in The Silver Sword, I though it was so unrealistic it spoilt the story. Have you read "I am David"? That's similar but better, in my opinion. Still full of co-incidnences though - but maybe that's the magic of stories??