Friday, 13 May 2011

Talkin Turkeys

This is my first book of poetry in the challenge.
I think my favourite poem was called Sunny Side Up because it was written upside down. It was funny because it said that when people see you reading upside down they think you're strange "but this poem is out to mislead."
One thing I noticed about Benjamin Zephaniah was that he wrote things how they are pronounced (like 'dat' instead of 'that') which makes it a bit harder to read and so you have to read them out loud. The poems were humorous even though some were about serious things like global warming and habitat loss.
I give Talkin Turkey 75 out of 100

Jay's Note - I read this one too. Zephaniah's warmth, humour and voice shine through these short poems. I think Michael Rosen is the first poet I'd introduce a child to and Benjamin Zephaniah is the second.

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