Sunday, 29 April 2012

Becoming a teen

Becoming a teen is something that all people go through during their lives. It starts when a child is about 14-16 years old. Then a lot of hormones are released. This causes huge physical and mental changes in the teen.On the physical side of things the teen will experience huge growth spurts. His height will increase, his hair will become greasier because of the increased amount of sweating his armpit hair will grow as will his pubic hair. His penis will become bigger and his face may become covered in spots. These are just a few of the many physical changes that will happen to a teen when the hormones are released and start working.Then there is the mental side of things. While they don’t go insane teens will begin thinking about things like how a girl looks and would he want to have sex with her and lots of other things that. These can also appear in dreams causing what is known as a wet dream. As well as this, all experiences that teenagers have are enhanced. This part of being a teenager is a double bladed knife. So when a teen has something bad happen to him it feels awful and when something good happens it feels amazing. As well as this teenagers are known to try being different people. So one week Jimmy might be a Goth and the next week he might be a cheerful go-getter.
All in all I think that being a teenager is going to a very VERY bumpy ride. I’m not yet sure what sort of opinion I should have towards it so I think I will stay neutral on this particular debate. Being a teen is something that brings in a lot of freedom and responsibility.   

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  1. It might not be a bumpy ride for you, you might just breeze through it! Poppy loves being a teen- lots of the pleasures of adulthood and very little of the responsibility.
    I was telling your mum that for some reason I thought you were a teen already ... I was fooled by your reading and writing ability and insightful comments.
    Have fun, don't be good all the time, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.