Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Pig Heart Boy

Pig Heart Boy is about a boy named Cameron ans his experiences as he is informed that in order to stay alive he must have a heart transplant from a pig.
This like many of Malorie Blackman's books raises issues - such as "should animal experimentation continue?" and trust between friends. I was interested to find out how it ended.
The plot is that Cameron is told by doctors that he has about 1 year left to live and the only way to stay alive is to have a heart transplant. But since they don't have enough human donors they want to give Cameron the heart of a specially bred pig. The story then continues as his life is thrown this way and that because of the transplant. I enjoyed the book and was fascinated by every opinion of this operation.
Malorie Blackman is an excellent author. I give the book 77/100

Jay Writes - This book is one I chose for Luke to replace the second of the Moomin books on his challenge list, as both people who chose a Moomin book said any of the others would so just as well.

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