Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My own writing

Jay Writes -
Luke has written part of a short story himself this week. Here is part one - I'm coaxing him to write part two , so pop back to read the next instalment

Luke Writes -
I am a gruesome and horrible child. Enjoy. Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha...

What happened on Planet 9

John came crashing through the forest panting; he didn't look back for fear he would have to see it again. He tripped over a tree root and fell. He tried to get up but his foot was stuck fast. He pulled out his knife and began sawing at the root. It eventually snapped. Then John made the mistake of looking up, so he could see the large pair of jaws filled with razor sharp teeth right above him.
The problem with being in Planet 9's black forest is that the trees mute your screams.


Benjamin Folkine Marden was having a lovely dream about a tropical island when he fell out of the top bunk of a bunk bed.
"Wow, said his bunk mate Sam, "that looked like it hurt... a lot!"
"Well done," groaned Ben. "Did you figure that our all by yourself?"
Ben, Sam and twenty-eight others people had been in this harvesting camp for two years. Planet 9 had a large amount of zinomine, a rare and powerful substance, and the Government decided to send a group of men and women to mine the stuff and slowly destroy the natural environment. But someone, or more accurately some things, were not happy with this arrangement.

Ben looked at his timetable. He didn't know why he bothered; it was always the same:
Wake Up
Eat Breakfast
Eat Lunch
Eat Dinner
Got To Sleep

Ben and Sam headed outside to start work.
"Hey Sam, you ever wonder if exciting will ever happen here?" called Ben.
"What, like an alien invasion?" answered Ben. "Are you kidding? If anything exciting ever happens here I beg of you, please include me." Then he saw Ben's face - a face he had never seen but knew what it was. It was the face of pure, indefinable absolute terror. "What?" Sam asked.
"Your wish," said a raspy voice behind him, "has been granted."
Sam turned to see the creature behind him. He felt a jerk in him. The creature looked down. So did he, so he could see in the three clawed hand his very own beating heart.

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  1. Hey - well done!
    Starts with action -
    Switches to a bit of humour and a little bit of necessary explanation -
    Gets the suspense going -
    Bang! Ends with great cliffhanger!

    Now the challenge is: what happens next?